3 Best Store-Bought Kale Chips For Keto Diet

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With any diet comes sacrifice, and the ketogenic diet is no exception. You often find yourself missing your favorite guilty pleasures like potato chips, candy, popcorn, and even fruit. When those cravings hit, you curse your new diet and all of its pesky restrictions, and you’re left staring into the dark abyss of your pantry, wondering if you really have to give up on snacking forever.

Don’t accept defeat yet; snack companies are catching on to the keto diet’s increasing popularity, delivering tasty treats that won’t compromise ketosis. If you’re looking for something delicious, all-natural, and nutrient-dense without ruining your diet, kale chips are your safest bet.

Kale Chips FAQs

If kale chips are a new concept to you and you’re curious about how they’ll fit into your diet, don’t worry – all of your questions have been asked before. Here’s a crash course on all the things you should about the leafy superfood.

Is it okay to eat kale every day?

As with all things in life, moderation is key. If you’re a huge fan of kale and you want to eat it every day, feel free! However, it’s probably best to restrict yourself to only one or two cups a day.

It’s hard to believe that you could overindulge in one of the healthiest foods on the planet, but it is possible – if you eat loads (and I mean loads) of it, which you probably won’t do.

On the other hand, most vegetables are sprayed with pesticides, so be sure to wash your kale thoroughly before eating.

Do kale chips go bad?

Yes. It’s best to eat them when they’re fresh, but they can last up to 5-7 days. Simply store them in an airtight container and add a few grains of dry rice to absorb any moisture.

To maintain optimal crispiness, be sure to let raw kale dry completely after washing, allow chips to cool to room temperature after baking, and reheat them in the oven when you’re ready to eat them again.

Does baking kale diminish its nutrients?

Many companies selling kale chips advertise that dehydrating them (as opposed to baking or frying) allows them to stay nutrient-dense.

While baking may slightly reduce vital nutrients, kale is already so packed with vitamins that it truly won’t make much of a difference. In essence, the rumor that baking kale kills its nutrients is just that – a rumor.

Are homemade kale chips fattening?

Have no worries, this tasty snack is totally guilt-free. Every cup of raw kale contains less than 1 gram of fat, so the only added fat you have to worry about is the olive oil – which is completely keto-friendly.

After baking, each serving contains no more than 5 grams of fat and 110 calories. These chips are definitely much healthier and much less fattening than the potato chips you were binging before.

Is it better to eat kale cooked or raw?

There are benefits to both. We’ve already established that cooking kale isn’t detrimental to its nutritional value, but you may have other concerns. For instance, raw kale can hinder thyroid function, whereas baked kale doesn’t – something to consider if you have hypothyroidism.

On the other hand, baked kale has added ingredients like sodium and oil that may not be ideal for your diet in excessive amounts. Overall, both are perfectly healthy; it really just boils down to your personal preference and health needs.

The Best Store-Bought Kale Chip Brand For Keto

#1 DJ&A Kale Chips

DJ&A Kale Chips
DJ&A Kale Chips

This one checks all of the boxes, making it our top pick. No GMOs? Check. Less than one net carb and one gram of sugar per serving? Check. Gluten-free, organic, AND vegan? Check, check, and check.

They’re also budget-friendly, and you can order a 5-gram bag on Amazon for less than $5. The only downside seems to be that these chips are oven-roasted, making their vitamin content a little lower than the raw version of the superfood; however, each bag contains 55 grams of kale and is still loaded with vital nutrients like potassium, iron, sodium and vitamin C.

Another perk is that this brand holds off on added oil and salt products, making it all-natural in every sense.

  • Only 3.92g of carb per ounce (28g)
  • Only 0.4g of sugar per ounce (28g)
  • Gluten-Free
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • No added oil and salt products
  • Budget-Friendly

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Serving size: 5g
Calories: 14.7 Total fat: 0.3g Net carbs: 0.7g Protein: 1.7g

Other Brands Worth Considering

#2 Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips in Kool Ranch

Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips
Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips

If you’re a fan of anything packed with flavors like dill and garlic, you’ll love this organic contender. Rhythm Superfood’s kale chips contain a low carb count (3 net carbs per serving) and a low sugar count (2 grams per serving), making this healthy, gluten-free snack perfect for the keto diet.

You can also rest assured that you’re not missing out on any nutrients – the kale is dehydrated under minimal heat, rather than baked or fried. These chips are non-genetically modified and vegan-friendly, and you can buy four snack-sized bags for under $19 on Amazon.

  • 3g net carb per ounce (28g)
  • 2g sugar per ounce (28g)
  • Gluten-Free
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Dried not Fried

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Serving size: 28g
Calories: 130 Total fat: 9g Net carbs: 3g Protein: 5g

#3 Kips Kale Chips in Wasabi-Kan

Kips Kale Chips Wasabi Flavor
Kips Kale Chips Wasabi Flavor

I bet you never realized that those healthy, leafy greens could come in so many different flavors! If an Asian twist is what you’re craving, these Wasabi-san kale chips will be sure to hit the spot. At 4 grams per serving, the net carb content is a little higher, but it still won’t come close to compromising ketosis.

This option shares the benefits of its previous contenders: organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, dehydrated to preserve vital nutrients… and it’s even made with no nut products for those with allergies. The sugar content is minimal as well, at only 1 gram per serving. You can curb those wasabi and ginger cravings for just under $23 for a pack of 4.

  • 5.6g net carb per ounce (28g)
  • 1.4g sugar per ounce (28g)
  • Gluten-Free
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Nut-Free

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Serving size: 20g
Calories: 80 Total fat: 6g Net carbs: 4g Protein: 3g

Make Your Own Keto Kale Chips At Home

Want to try your hand at making your own keto-friendly kale chips? Fortunately, everything about it is foolproof, from shopping for ingredients to actually making them.

All you need is kale (duh), olive oil, and sea salt – unless you feel like adding your own favorite seasonings to mix it up! Just follow the steps listed below.

How To Make Your Own Homemade Keto Kale Chips

  • Step 1

    Start by preheating your oven to 350° F.

  • Step 2

    Rinse your large bunch of kale and give it time to dry, or dry it off with a kitchen towel; otherwise, the moisture will compromise crispiness later on.

  • Step 3

    Tear the leaves of kale from the stem. You want them crunchy, but not that crunchy.

  • Step 4

    Place the kale in a ziplock baggie and add your olive oil. You only need 1-2 tablespoons, but you’ll want to make sure that every piece is coated in oil.

    Kale Ziplock

  • Step 5

    Scatter the kale on a baking sheet. Pro-tip: if you press the individual leaves as flat as possible, it’ll make them even crispier after baking.

    Kale Baking Pan

  • Step 6

    Bake for approximately 12 minutes. Peek in on it frequently; if it overcooks, it’ll turn bitter. The edges should be browned, while the rest of the leaf is still dark green.

    Kale Baked

  • Step 7

    Remove your kale chips from the oven, sprinkle with sea salt, and voila! Your tasty, crispy, homemade kale chips are done.

    Kale Finished

Kale Chips To The Rescue

So don’t fret – your snacking days aren’t over. Whether you’re a kale connoisseur or you’ve steered clear of the leafy green up until now, there’s no denying that it’s the perfect treat for your new ketogenic lifestyle.

Packed with vital nutrients, baked in healthy fats, and seasoned to your likening, this versatile snack makes a guilt-free alternative to potato or corn chips when you’re looking to curb those salty cravings!


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3 Best Kale Chip Brands For Keto

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