Keto Taco Bell – The Ultimate Guide To Delicious Keto Mexican Meals

Keto Taco Bell - The Ultimate Guide To Delicious Keto Mexican Meals
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Taco Bell is known for its delicious Mexican food and it’s pretty cheap as well given the quality and taste of their food. However, Taco Bell might not be an ideal choice for us keto dieters considering that their menu items are all carb-loaded – quesadillas, tortillas, burritos, nachos, beans, hash browns, etc.

Fortunately, Taco Bell allows a lot of customization options. For instance, you can just go for a power bowl instead of having buns or tacos. You may also order keto-friendly extras to make your food more satiating.

Keto-hacking your order will let you enjoy eating at Taco Bell without feeling guilty or breaking your keto diet.

We made a list of keto-friendly Taco bell orders below. But before that, make sure to read our short guide for ordering at Taco Bell.

How to Keto-Hack Your Taco Bell Order

Customizing your order is the key to staying Keto while at Taco Bell. Taco Bell has no low-carb options by default so you really have to tweak them.

Though you can order for burritos without buns, most keto dieters just go with the power bowl since it makes the customizing way easier.

General Guidelines:

  • Power bowls are your staples at Taco Bell – you can either have chicken or steak bowl.
  • Ditch the rice and beans – just double the chicken or steak to make it more filling.
  • Ask for extra ground beef, cheese, guac, and a low-carb sauce that you like.
  • Skip the sodas – Go for an unsweetened drink like water, coffee, and tea instead.

Alternatively, you can also customize some Taco breakfast items. Most choices here are egg-based that are wrapped in a tortilla. Just go without the tortilla and double your order to make it more filling.

It’s also a good idea to research Taco Bell’s menu before going. This way, you can see the prices, calorie counts, ingredients, and customization options that you have for each item.

The following are keto-approved items on Taco Bell’s menu:
Shredded Chicken
Seasoned Ground Beef
Fire-Grilled Steak or Chicken
3 Cheese Mix
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Sour Cream
Low-Carb Sauces (eg. jalapeno, red, ranch, etc)

High-Carb Foods to Avoid at Taco Bell


Here’s the list of high-carb items that you should avoid at Taco Bell:
Tortilla chips
Red strips
Beverages sweetened with sugar
Any kind of wrap

Most sauces from Taco Bell are fine, but you should choose the ones with more fats whenever possible. Apart from the items above, you don’t need to be worried about any hidden carbs from Taco Bell items.

Foods To Order at Taco Bell

Now that you’re already equipped with the keto hacks and tweaks you need to do at Taco Bell, it’s time put them into practice. Here’s what your typical orders will look like:

1. Power Steak Bowl

The first step is to remove the carbs by asking for a no beans and no rice steak bowl.

The next step is to order extras since a power bowl with no beans and rice will be very small and light.

Ask for extra steak, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, and ranch sauce. This way, you’ll get a satiating meal with around 400 to 500 calories.

You may also add other items such as jalapenos, tomatoes, and shredded chicken.

Adding extra protein and other ingredients will cost you around $2 to $3 more depending on what you’re adding.

It’s really not that much considering that you can still enjoy a keto-approved food while on a fast food restaurant.

2. Power Chicken Bowl

Keto Taco Bell Power Chicken Bowl No Beans No Rice

You can order a chicken bowl if you’re not a red meat fan. The same rules above apply here – No beans and rice, then add lots of extras.

We recommend that you pair the chicken with sour cream, jalapeno sauce, and cheese.

These ingredients will raise the fat content of this order which is essential since chicken breast generally have less fat than beef.

What we like about this bowl is the chicken is amazingly tender. Getting extra cheese will also make this a deliciously satiating keto-approved dish.

This order contains about 400 calories which should be enough to make you full until dinner.

3. Mini Skillet

Keto Taco Bell Breakfast Mini Skillet

Taco Bell’s Mini Skillet Bowl is a breakfast bowl which consists of eggs, nacho cheese sauce, pico de gallo, and potatoes.

The first step to hack this order is to remove the potatoes. The next step is to add extra eggs, guacamole, and sour cream to add more calories and nutrition.

Other ingredients that you can add are bacon, three-cheese blend, sausage crumbles, sauces, fresco, and steak.

By adding extra eggs and removing the potatoes, this breakfast bowl comes at around 250 calories. Not bad for a delicious breakfast.

The price for the customized bowl will be around $4 which is not that much compared to the original order (just a couple of cents).

It’s absolutely worth it considering that it’s a deliciously creamy dish that is keto-approved and nutritious.

We also recommend having a bulletproof coffee together with this delightful breakfast bowl.

4. Low-Carb Drinks

Finally, you can get a low-carb beverage together with your customized keto Taco Bell order.

Taco Bell offers unsweetened iced regular coffee, premium hot coffee, and unsweetened iced tea. Or, you may just simply opt for the good old water.

They also offer zero-calorie / no-carb drinks such as diet sodas. However, we highly recommend that you just stick with natural drinks such as tea, coffee, and water as much as possible.

Although these zero-calorie drinks are technically keto-friendly, they usually contain artificial ingredients that can harm your metabolism and health in the long run.

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Going Keto at Taco Bell – The Verdict

Keto Taco Bell options are both delicious and satiating. These foods can also assist you in hitting your daily macros for a not so expensive price range.

Your order will be more expensive than normal since you are basically replacing the cheap tortillas, beans, and rice with meat, cheese, guacamole, and other fatty sauces.

However, the tweaks are definitely worth the price difference given that the result is a delicious keto meal on fast food restaurant. Moreover, Taco Bell is known to serve high-quality meat, unlike most fast food chains.

Keto Taco Bell options are also a winner in terms of nutrition category.

Animal protein sources are known to prevent cardiovascular problems, poor immunity, and anemia.

The eggs from your breakfast bowl will also provide your body the biotin it needs for energy production.

You can also get a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber by adding low-carb vegetables to your order.

Final Note

While Taco Bell is not really an ideal place for keto dieters, they let you customize your order to better suit your distinct dietary needs.

The tweaks and hacks included in this guide will help you enjoy your Taco Bell meals with your friends and family without sacrificing your keto lifestyle.


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