Chocolate & Walnut Keto Fudge – Easy, Guilt-Free, and Delicious

10-Minute Chocolate & Walnut Keto Fudge - Easy, Guilt-Free and Delicious
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This is undoubtedly the best and quickest keto chocolate walnut fudge you will ever find. Even my 9 year old can do this on her own. She now has a different version of this wherein she omits the walnuts and add peppermint flavoring instead – brilliant girl!

I understand that we are attempting to give up sweet foods here, but once in a while we’re craving something and I would rather have a sugar free version at my disposal than a high carb alternative.

These cubes of walnut and chocolate keto fudge are so quick to do and extremely simple. For some people who on the fence of starting out in keto, having a low carb sweet treat might just be the possible option to get them interested or hopefully get them started.

These guiltless sweets only take 10 minutes to make, then you put them in the refrigerator to set (but don’t stop yourself from eating some fudge mixture as soon as it is made!).

UPDATE – Some people seem to do this with spreadable cream cheese and the fudge is not setting. For the best results, you have to use the regular Philadelphia cream cheese that are shaped in blocks. Another suggestion – to speed up the setting of fudge, put it in the freezer so you can have a quick frozen dessert.

Chocolate & Walnut Keto Fudge

Recipe by Caitlyn SmithCourse: DessertCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Easy


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You need to try this amazing walnut and chocolate keto fudge recipe. It takes fewer than 10 minutes to do and it’s simply delicious!


  • 40 g walnuts

  • 1 tsp vanilla

  • 2 tbsp granulated sweetener of choice (or more if preferred)

  • 3 tbsp dark cocoa powder

  • 120 g softened cream cheese

  • 120 g softened butter


  • Mix the softened cream cheese and softened butter until there are no blobs.
  • Thoroughly mix the vanilla, sweetener and cacao.
  • Put the walnuts and mix lightly.
  • Put it in a lined plate or dish. Put in the refrigerator to set.
  • Slice into squares and serve it.


  • Keep in mind to not overheat cream cheese or butter when doing the keto walnut fudge. They just have to be soft enough to mix. Put them back in the fridge until it is semi-soft again if you overheat the fudge accidentally.
  • Calories: 134 kcal | Fat: 14.1g | Carbohydrates: 2.2g | Protein: 1.8g

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